again tonight…..Kp 5 forecast Kp 3 likely.

More lights tonight in Alaska and mid to northern Canada.
The forecast calls for Kp 5, which would put the auroras a little further south into the northern states, but it may not get that high.
Kp 3 or 4 is likely.

The lights may appear as soon as it is dark. Go to an area with little or no light pollution for the best viewing. Auroras appear faint when you are looking at it with a streetlight in your view. Also, turn your phone screen to dim. Let your eyes adjust a few minutes in the dark. You will see the vibrant colors with your eyes!

Many ask where to go to see the lights. In many places in Alaska, you don’t have to “go” anywhere. Simply look outside, and face north if you can’t see it all around. For those in the city, we have compiled a list of where to go. For Fairbanks here is the link…. And for Anchorage, here is the link.


Prints and more, have your photo taken under the lights. Vaughn Johnson Photography, Kenai, Alaska.

Prints and more, Vaughn Johnson Photography, Kenai, Alaska.

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