Be ready for tonight! Aurora alert! Oct 13/14

The data that we look at for space weather is going great right now! HEADS UP FOR AURORAS TONIGHT.
States bordering Canada, possibly midwestern states,
all of Canada, and all of Alaska. Storm level auroras happening now in Europe!

Iceland clouded over! Hopefully your weather is clearing.

BE READY. Be in place when it is dark. Be patient. Auroras come and go.

Let your eyes adjust. Don’t stare at your phone on bright, and have your car lights on. ADJUST YOUR EYES! Rods and cones, people (lol)!

Cheat to see if the aurora is out by looking at the cams! Maine, Washington, and Alaska.

If you are confused and desperate to see the lights you can text me with questions. NO PHONE CALLS please!!! phone number



Be ready for winter and protect
your camera with the Camera Parka

looking good for lights tonight (and the next 3 nights)

Standby for lights tonight in Alaska and Canada. Kp 3 at 7pm Alaska time. When? Anytime it is dark. Also heads up for the incoming CME due to arrive Oct 13…..but this could be it’s arrival now– early. Be ready. Now, to take my own advice, I will be charging my camera.

green stars

CME due to hit Oct 13: this means big auroras possible!

CME G1 Storm Watch (Kp 5) predicted Oct 13. Auroras are highly likely, and will visible in the northern states, Canada, and Alaska.

This is our first CME (coronal mass ejection) in a long time. Here’s hoping the lights are great! More details as we get closer.

For planning, be ready to go out the night of Oct 12, in case it arrives early.

Get your nap in and charge your cameras. Brush up on your night photography BEFORE the event arrives and not during.

For more info on locations, see the map below.


Kp 3 tonight Oct 4/5

Kp 3 tonight, Oct 4/5. Fairbanks should expect lights tonight. Anchorage area, maybe, look north and low on the horizon if not overhead.

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