auroras tonight for New Year’s!

Data is looking great for aurora activity tonight! Current Kp level is 3. Kp 5 expected. Kp 5 indicates that the aurora may dip down as far south as the northern states. Keep watch in the early morning if you can’t stay awake overnight. The aurora is expected to last more than 24 hours, due to the effects of the coronal hole high speed stream.

Clouds may block your view of the aurora. The aurora can be seen in the openings in between the clouds (when the aurora is out). Your camera may make the clouds look green.

Happy New Year 2018!

Auroras are forecast for New Year’s Eve! Kp 5

Tonight’s forecast is Kp 2 (Dec 29/30). Saturday night we may see Kp 4 toward morning. And on New Year’s Eve, the forecast is Kp 5, a G1 storm watch.

We will update as we get closer to Sunday night. A G1 storm watch indicates that if it does reach Kp 5, the entire state of Alaska, all of Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA may see auroras.

Kp 5 tonight and tomorrow night

The aurora forecast for tonight and tomorrow night (Sunday night to Tuesday morning) is Kp 5.
Data is looking great for auroras!!!! However, the weather is poor for viewing aurora in many areas.
If it is clear where you are, along the Canadian/USA border and further north, then have a look outside tonight and tomorrow night, any time it is dark.

Question from the facebook group:
Can I see the aurora from Banff, Alberta?
Answer: Yes you can! When the Kp level is high enough (Kp 4 or higher typically). Just get away from the city lights and face north. Calgary is also a great place to catch the aurora, but again, you must get away from light pollution. Which direction to drive? Always north! The prairies to the sides are also a nice place to view, as there is nothing blocking the sky.

Are you in Fairbanks, Alaska over the Christmas break? Skyfire in Focus Tours has available tour dates with short notice.

Tonight, Kp 2 and meteor shower

The aurora is very faint right now from Fairbanks area and interior Alaska. The forecast is Kp 2.

The geminids meteor shower peaks tonight. More info also here. I have already seen a few tonight from North Pole, Alaska. The time of this post is 705pm. You can see by this photo I took just now, the faint green aurora and gorgeous stars.

Have a great night!

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