Auroras forecast to continue tonight!!! Aug 31/Sept 1

The aurora forecast for tonight is the continuation of the coronal hole high speed stream. Current Kp level is 4 and Kp 5 could happen again.
All of Alaska be ready for lights when it is dark. Hopefully your weather will be clear!



The dew coated my aurora cam last night, and the cam heater is mysteriously missing.
I better get on this, as it will only get colder!
Happy September, everyone, and happy Labor Day weekend. ~Amy

G1 storm forecast (Kp 5). Auroras highly possible.

Auroras incoming in the next couple nights. G1 (Kp 5) is forecast. Start watching the skies tonight!!! Kp 5 is indicator that the northern states, all of Canada, and all of Alaska could potentially see a show!

WA, ID, MT, ND, SD, MN, MI, WI, PA, northern New England, all highly possible as forecast.

Link to NOAA Space Weather Enthusiasts here.
Link to Ovation-Prime here.

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