Kp 5 predicted for Oct 10/11

Be on the lookout for auroras Oct 10/11. The forecast is calling for G1 storm conditions (Kp 5) due to the anticipated arrival of a recurrent, polar-connected, positive polarity CHHSS.

All of Canada, Alaska, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA have a good chance at seeing auroras. Look to the north, and have no light pollution in your way. Northern Europe including northern Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland also be ready for lights. Let’s hope the weather is clear.

Tonight’s forecast for Oct 8/9 is Kp 2. Poor weather conditions in Fairbanks will most likely block our view of the lights. If the clouds clear, even just a bit, look to the north, northeast anytime it is dark.

Many times I get messages from visitors and tourists who are desperate to see the northern lights but the weather is bad, or they are confused where to go, what to do. Aside from looking at for general info,  IF YOU ARE A VISITOR TO FAIRBANKS AND ARE CONFUSED, or you have traveled somewhere to see the lights and you are seemingly getting conflicting info…. YOU ARE WELCOME TO SEND ME A TEXT ANYTIME AND I WILL TRY MY BEST TO ANSWER YOU! Text only please, no calls. ~Amy 19073857385 NO CALLS

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