Auroras tonight (finally??) G1 forecast but could be near morning time.

Auroras are going off over Yellowknife via the AuroraMax cam.
Here is a screen shot of the cam

Alaska and most of Canada should expect to see lights in this overnight (Tues into Wed), and into Wed night/Thurs morning. G1 storm (Kp 5) is forecast due to the CHHSS and a CME. Not too much is expected from this event though.

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Auroras starting now Kp 4, Nov 20/21

Tonight’s forecast is Kp 4 with a high possibility of it hitting Kp 5.
All of Alaska be ready. Canada, look to the north now.
Northern states along the Canadian border, look to the north NOW and all night long.

When? Anytime it is dark. The lights are already starting in the Fairbanks area, but are faint as of this post at 6:15pm AK time.

Temperature in Fairbanks -22F
Anchorage +19F
Be careful out there!

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Win an Aurora Tour with Skyfire in Focus Tours (Fairbanks)

From Bill at Skyfire in Focus Tours:

Once again here at SkyFire In Focus Tours,
I would like to announce our ANNUAL FREE TOUR GIVEAWAY.

Last year 4 seats/spots were awarded to individuals both local and beyond. This is a night out with your host Mr. Bill for a photo workshop with our beloved Aurora. Hot beverages ranging from gourmet coffee, homemade hot chocolate, and hot apple cider (that tastes like apple pie in a cup). This year we are doing a 5 seat giveaway and two lucky winners will also win one complete (camera,lens,tripod) setup from my rentals.
Pickup and drop off provided (within reason). Military we ask for a pick up off base.

***To get your name in the hat for a chance at one of these free tours please PM SkyFire In Focus Tours or Bill Heath on Facebook. Or text me at 907-347-9222. Please provide your name, a good number and email.
This is open for 12 days and redeeming your night out until the end of this Aurora season in April. Winners will be announced on the 23rd of November.

12 DAYS to get your name in.

Kp 3 tonight, but cloudy in AK.

Clouds and snow are coming tonight to Alaska, so get some rest for the next aurora event.
Tonight’s forecast is Kp 3, and tomorrow night we might see Kp 4. This means if it is clear where you are in the mid to high latitudes, check for the green glow.

Incoming auroras predicted due to CHHSS Kp 5 G1

Tonight’s aurora forecast is looking excellent…Kp 5 predicted upon the arrival of the CHHSS.

“A G1 Geomagnetic Storm Watch is in effect for 07 November through 09 November, 2017 due to anticipated coronal hole effects. A better likelihood of visible aurora exists at high latitudes in the night sector while higher wind speeds persist.” from NOAA

**What in the world does this mean????** It means be ready for auroras tonight if you are in the area of Kp 5 (see map). All of Alaska and Canada, and the very upper portion of the contiguous USA. Also, be ready tomorrow night!!! When it is dark, look for updates here, on facebook ABN page, twitter, or report your sighting!!!

We have snow in North Pole, Alaska!!! Lots of snow this past week and more in the forecast. The trails are ready to ride! Book your snow mobile adventure with Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service

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