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Ax2 The webcam is located in Wasilla, Alaska courtesy PicAx Photography Please refresh the page for a newer image if it does not refresh. New images are taken every 5 minutes. If you enjoy this free cam, please contribute to the upkeep using the tip jar below. Thanks! ~Kathy




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Keogram: the past 24 hours of time slices of daylight, weather, aurora, and dark skies—

Recent time lapseSee the cam recent time lapse at
green stars

tip jar Kathy Ax

Some of our annual expenses are covered by advertising, and some by donation, though not many visitors contribute. If each visitor reading this right now gave $1, we would have enough to operate this little aurora website for a year. If Aurora Borealis Notifications is helpful to you, please take a moment to help us. We are a very small group of volunteers serving thousands of readers daily with very little outside support. ABN is a place to share and discover the aurora and spread the word that it can be seen. The funds we receive go toward maintaining this website, the aurora cam, and online expenses. Please help us so we can continue to help you with your aurora questions and run the webcams. Money donated to the Kick Ax Aurora Cam goes directly to Kathy Ax, the webcam owner. Please help out and donate a little today. Thanks, Amy and Kathy

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