Kick Ax Cam, Wasilla Alaska

The Kick Ax Aurora webcam is located in Wasilla, Alaska, courtesy of PicAx Photography 

Aurora band over house in Alaska

 The webcam is located on top of a roof from the Wasilla/Palmer area in Alaska. It points straight up into the sky. Sometimes this cam is turned off during the day or during overcast weather to save on bandwidth.

Please note that this cam will be off for periods of time this winter. We hope to be back on full time in a couple months. Thank you for your patience.


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    1. We know about it! Sometimes it is not convenient to remove it immediately, depending on the weather. If it is iced up, we take a hair dryer up there to defrost it.

    1. Keep watching the cam! It is cloudy often in that area. That is why the cam comes in handy. Look at the top of the photo to see any green bands or streaks.

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