Tonight’s forecast Kp 4.

Dec 10/11 Tonight’s forecast is Kp 4 and we may see Kp 4 two nights in a row. This means much of Alaska and most of Canada may see auroras. Clouds will affect viewing. Always start off by looking to the north if you cannot see anything overhead.

Today’s question in the facebook group: Do I have a better chance at seeing auroras from Chena Hot Springs?
Answer: No. There is an equal chance at seeing the lights from Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs. Both have light pollution, and both are the same latitude.

What is there to do in North Pole, Alaska? Ice fishing under the aurora!!! Snow mobile tours! No worries, winter gear is provided.

Kp 8 now, Europe expecting auroras

The planetary K index is 8 now and northern Europe are expecting lights when it is dark. These are the current Ovation pictures depicting where the aurora is predicted with the current data.

Canada and USA, expect lights again tonight, will revisit the data later today.

Get notified via NOAA Space Weather for free with their subscription service. Create an account, then select alerts, warnings, or whatever else suits your needs. They do send out a lot of emails, so be sure of your selections.

Incoming CME! G3 storm forecast

Incoming CME!!! NOAA Space Weather latest news on the CME here. Forecasters are putting the information together but the initial forecast is that the CME will hit on Sept 6 with G3 (Kp 7). Be ready this entire week for space weather activity (auroras!).

What is a CME? Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are huge explosions of magnetic field and plasma from the Sun’s corona.

What is space weather? Space Weather refers to variations in the space environment between the sun and Earth (and throughout the solar system) that can affect technologies in space and on Earth.

What is all of this??? This is space weather terminology, and activity on the sun equals auroras! There is a lot to learn if you are starting out with the aurora watching hobby. The above links will give you a small sample of what it is.


Sept 4/5 …tonight is also looking great for auroras in Alaska and Canada. Kp 4.

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Gary Kallberg shot this aurora over Fox Gardens and Gift Store, Fox Alaska on Sept 2. Frost that night put an end to the flowers under the aurora for the season.

Kp 6 predicted estimate Sunday morning to Monday morning

Heads up if you live in the northern states or Canada where it gets dark at night. NOAA Space Weather is predicting G2 storm conditions on the arrival of the coronal mass ejection sometime Sunday morning. Kp 6 predicted. We will likely see auroras Sunday night. If you live in the middle states, you have a small chance. Just be ready to view!

Alaska will only see auroras where it gets dark at night. If you are on a cruise ship, or down in southeast Alaska, you do have a chance at seeing the lights! Be awake and ready late at night. Watch on facebook for live reporting to see if the lights can be seen in your area. We are also on Twitter @AuroraNotify.


  • Get away from light pollution. If you cannot see a multitude of stars, you have too much light pollution.
  • Get away from dust. Dusty industrial areas such as open fields and farms may put dust into the air, making your photos look blurry.
  • Face north. If you cannot see the aurora straight up into the sky, look north. Look as low as the horizon.
  • Have a clear view of the northern horizon.
  • Adjust your eyes. If you are playing on your phone and look up to see the lights, you have to let your eyes adjust to the dark sky.

CME arrival times here.

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