CME hit! Now we wait

The CME has hit and the data is improving. Solar winds are around 575 km/sec and the Bt is 16. (as of 5:30pm Alaska time, 02:30 UTC).

Now, we watch and wait for auroras all night long. The forecast is Kp 7, as the G3 Storm Watch is still in effect.

Where will auroras be seen? The answer is dependent on the speed and direction of the solar winds. With a Kp 7, there is a chance of auroras as far south as upper midwestern states. All of Canada, all of Alaska. Southern New Zealand and Tasmania. And if the sun rises in North America, it is Europe’s turn to catch the lights. Lapland, Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, and maybe the north of England, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark.

A high Kp level does not guarantee aurora but it is a good indicator to watch for auroras.

Watch and wait. The times to watch and wait are sunset to sunrise, for the next couple of nights.

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  1. 12/9/20 7:15-8PM PT Gig Harbor WA. Faint but very good. Processed raw photograph turned out real good. Cloudy sky opened up for 30 minutes just long enough to see it. Very bad weather for tonight 12/10/20… bummer.

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