CME Alert!!! Wait, what? Really! It’s been awhile!

We have an incoming CME!
The sun released a C7.4 class flare which resulted in an earth directed coronal mass ejection. The estimated speed of this event is 1783 km/sec and G1 to G3 storm level. The arrival times are estimated to be Dec 9. Auroras may be seen starting Dec 8 (tonight for Alaska, as usual though) and the next several nights.

If you are in an area that needs a higher Kp level to see the aurora, then this could be your chance. You may want to travel north. Depending how far you need to travel, be ready for auroras in the northern states beginning nightfall on Dec 9. For Alaskans and northern countries such as Norway and Canada, be ready tonight and especially tomorrow night.

LOOK LOW on the horizon. Let your eyes adjust to the dark sky. Colors are REAL to the naked eye. People have been seeing auroras since the beginning of time with their own eyes. Cameras bring out deeper colors when the aurora is faint.

WSA-ENLIL SOLAR WIND PREDICTION shows the plasma arriving at earth. Earth is the green dot. The sun is the yellow dot in the center. STEREO A and B Spacecraft are shown above and below earth. Direct link to the WSA-ENLIL SOLAR WIND PREDICTION and you are able to view the video.
How to read this model: on the link, click on the tabs “usage” and “details” below the graphic for an explanation.

What is this??? It is a graphic on what the scientists and space weather forecasters think the particles will do, as they are directed at earth. This in turn can produce auroras.

Here is the NOAA Space Weather forecast for the next 3 nights. It is looking good for possible auroras! I have added a little explanation.
Dec 9 forecast

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Video explanations on what the CME and solar flares are about follows.

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