Expect auroras tonight! Feb 19

We are expecting aurora tonight for Alaska and Canada. The beautiful sunspot from last month is again facing earth and is resulting in aurora from the coronal hole high speed stream. The data is looking great, so be ready when it is dark. Northern Europe is enjoying nice aurora right now. Tonight’s aurora forecast is Kp 5.

Many people comment on Facebook posts when something like this is said….All of Alaska means ALL OF ALASKA, if of course, the weather is clear enough to see stars.

For those in the lower contiguous USA, this is only a maybe for you. If you are in a northern state, heads up tonight. Watch the data.

Happy Weekend!

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Captain Cook hotel aurora facing north Anchorage Alaska
Ruthie Puckett caught the aurora right from her hotel room! She had a room facing north from the Captain Cook Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska Feb 13 2021

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