end of the season video! 2012-2013

Thank you everyone, for a great aurora season! It was a good end of summer and fall, a quiet and cold winter, but the aurora really came out for us this spring, and it was a blast!

Thanks for reporting the aurora in your area and help spreading the news that the aurora is out! YOU have made this a great network! Thank you to the subscribers of the Wake-Up Alerts, you help keep the Facebook page and website active! Thanks so much to the people who have contributed photos to the end of the season video, to the Facebook page, and to the website.

Our season has come to an end. We have very little darkness left overnight in the interior. Aurora Alerts are still active for a few more days, and our reporting will taper off. Those farther south of us here in Fairbanks will continue to receive alerts for a couple more weeks after this post. Only big events will be posted during the summer, to benefit those living far from the arctic circle. We will resume nightly aurora reporting in August. Occasional posts will be made to the website.

Please enjoy the compilation video made to mark the end of the season! Click here for the ABN end of the season video!

Special thanks to the musician who created the 1st song for ABN. DJ Double X facebook page DJ Double X, Dan Socha on SoundCloud

ABN over water