Another snowy night, another Christmas Spectacular Giveaway begins!

Every evening we are giving away prizes, so be sure to check the ABN Facebook Page and sign up. Tonight’s giveaway is a beautiful glass angel made by Charms by CJ, Fairbanks, Alaska. Tomorrow another surprise gift will be posted to the page. During the day, a random gift will be given to someone who comments on the post. Most people “Get Notifications” on Facebook as to not miss the next aurora. While its snowing in most of Alaska, we are still watching the data, just in case the weather forecasters are wrong. Judging by all the snow on my car…they are correct for tonight anyway!

Auroras have been seen in Europe and Tasmania, and tonight, parts of Canada where it is clear. See you online later, Amy


  1. Contrary to what somebody was complaining about yesterday’s post, I think it’s awssome you’ve found such a creative and fun way to support this website! Keep up the good work, and thank you for the service you provide us free of charge!

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