CME swept past ACE and has hit! Be on alert for auroras!

Early this morning, the Coronal Mass Ejection swept past the ACE satellite, which indicates that the auroras are coming! The CME has hit earth, and the storm has begun. We were seeing auroras before it hit, but this will give us storm conditions. Since its daylight in Alaska, we will have to wait a few hours and see it if lasts. Clouds may hinder your viewing in the Anchorage area, and other parts of Alaska. Canada also has a great chance at the lights tonight, but again, weather is a factor.

Here is a list of cams to check out the aurora if you can’t get out, or if you want to see if it’s out in another part of the world. Aurora Webcams.

Norway, Scotland, and Sweden all are seeing auroras right now. Clouds are hindering the view in much of the UK.

Current Kp level is 4.

Time of this post 1235pm Alaska time. Happy Winter Solstice!