CME hit early this morning in Alaska, Europe sees lights

I woke up around 4am after a brief nap, and saw online that the CME hit a little before that. Clouds had overtaken North Pole, and only one brief report of aurora was being seen in the Palmer area (doesn’t mean it wasn’t seen, just no one reported at that time). Clouds were in many parts of the state. As the sun rose, the aurora data was exploding and Europe got to see a good show. Reporting to ABN were Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Many areas of the UK were covered in clouds.

The forecast tonight is excellent, and Alaska may see a good show. However, overcast skies in the Fairbanks area will mean no show for us. Juneau and Seward have clear skies. So, check your weather, and be ready to see the aurora! The Kp level reached 4 during this CME hit, and currently as of this post is a 4.

Time of this post 640pm Alaska time.

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