Lights seen all over!!! A great show happening Kp 6

The lights came out tonight! The entire state, where the weather was clear is seeing lights. From mere minutes after I posted last and all through the night, Alaska saw auroras. The time of this post is 255am. The show continues!

Photos can be seen on the facebook page, and I’ll post a few in the next post in the morning.

The Kp level was 2, and steadily climbed to 6 and the Bz was absolutely southward. Big bursts of light were seen in and reported from:

Anchorage, JBER, Wasilla, Eagle River, Homer, Cordova, Valdez, Ninilchik, Kenai, Soldotna, Fairbanks, North Pole, Fox, Two Rivers, Delta Juction, Ft Wainwright, Eielson, Ft Greely, Nome.

Alberta, Canada

Washington state.

New South Wales, Australia, Tasmania, and the south island, New Zealand.

I hope you saw the show! If you are reading this in the morning and it’s still dark, have a look outside!