Kp 4 right now, expect lights

The aurora is predicted tonight again for the whole state of Alaska, if the weather is clear. As of this post at 6pm, the aurora is low on the horizon and faint as seen from Fairbanks. Intensity could get stronger as we head on into the night. Yellowknife is seeing the aurora now with a bit of red. As far as comparing the show tonight to the one we saw last night, we may see a nice show, but it may or may not be like last night. Anchorage really got lucky with big displays overhead! Great coronas and color were seen. Lights were seen from Fairbanks facing south! It was beautiful and amazing.

To see the aurora borealis, always look north if you cannot see it overhead. Know which way is north from your location. It can be seen from any direction, but north is the most common direction. You also need to let your eyes adjust. Staring at the tv with the lamp on, then running to the window doesn’t quite work unless the show is intense. With the moon almost full, the details of the lights may wash away.

Last night in North Pole: