Aurora forecast looking ok, weather looking poor

Tonight’s forecast is quiet, which means quiet displays may be seen, mostly in the interior and the north.

Tomorrow night, Wed night into Thurs, the forecast is active, and Thurs night into Friday is unsettled. There has been some activity on the sun, and it may produce auroras in the next night or two.

The weather, however, is looking cloudy for many areas of the state of Alaska, so we may not be able to see the lights. If you are visiting Alaska, you may have to chase the lights. This means, you’ll have to go somewhere where you will see them, away from clouds, and reflective light pollution. When its cloudy, streetlights and city lights reflect onto clouds, making them appear an orange color. You will see this especially in photos taken at night. It makes the sky appear brighter, thus washing away the detailed color of the aurora seen from the cities.

If an aurora sighting is announced on Twitter @AuroraNotify or facebook, be sure to look toward the north and low on the horizon if you cannot see it overhead. You may also report your aurora sighting on either site.