Minor storm watch in effect! This means aurora! Jan 16 2015

We are on aurora alert tonight, folks!
The next 3 nights are looking great for auroras in the entire state of Alaska, most of Canada, and maybe including the upper portion of the contiguous USA. Of course this storm includes northern Europe as well, when it is dark there.

A G1 storm watch is in effect. This means that there could be nice aurora displays. The storm may be stronger than predicted, so be on alert. The storm could also not produce much, as we have seen in the past.

Weather is a factor. Clouds and snow are forecast in the Fairbanks areas. Clouds and snow forecast in the Anchorage areas. If there are any openings in the clouds, especially facing north, you have a chance to see the lights. The moon is waning crescent, so it’s pretty dark all night long.

Want to see the aurora three day forecast?

All you need is this link direct to the source: Report-and-forecast-solar-and-geophysical-activity

Auroras in the yard North Pole