Aurora forecast for tonight (Saturday night) is storm levels. Kp 4 possible

Tonight, be ready, all you sleepy aurora hunters out there! Yet again, another fabulous night is forecast. Storm level auroras are predicted. The Kp index is expected to be 4 tonight, and that means that just about the entire state of Alaska may see the lights. Most of Canada will see lights, and maybe, just maybe, the upper portion of the contiguous USA may catch the lights low on the horizon. Look north if not overhead. You are hard pressed to see the lights from a big city outside of Alaska and northern Canada, please head out into the countryside where it’s dark if you want to try to see the aurora. Have a clear view toward the north, with no obstructions, such as mountains, other towns, and man-made lights.


We are coming to the end of the aurora season here in Alaska. In about a month, the midnight sun will start to take over. Enjoy the lights while you can!

Last night the aurora remained faint, but displayed over the entire sky in every direction. Here are some photos I took at Chena Lakes, North Pole, Alaska. The pinks in the photos are from light pollution from the city of North Pole, and also Eielson Air Force Base. I rented a different lens from Alaska Camera (a Fairbanks business), and I have noticed a difference with what I can do. I can’t wait to try it out tonight on a stronger aurora.