Wow what a show! The forecast was right and the aurora burst!

Last night the forecast was storm levels, and the aurora did not disappoint. The show started off faint, then burst in the sky, almost all night long. The Kp level hit 5, and the sun rose before the show was over. The Kp level now as of this post is a 1 (130pm Alaska time). Tonight’s forecast is unsettled to minor storm levels (AGAIN! MORE AURORAS!). Last night the whole state saw a show, that is, if the weather was clear. Much of mid to western Canada caught the lights, as well as northern states, WA, ID, and MT (that I am aware of as of this post). Super! The month of March has not disappointed!

Photos by me, Amy Stratman, taken around Chatanika, Cleary, and Fox, Alaska last night (hours ago!). I pretty much never touch up my photos, aside from watermark. I hope you enjoy!