Clouds in Fairbanks, clouds in Anchorage Kp 6

Faint green can be picked up on cam through the clouds and in some openings in the sky in Alaska. The Kp level is high at 5, and the Wing Kp is still looking excellent for a show. Clouds may prevent most from seeing anything, and it is already almost 11pm, about the time when most people start to give up because of daytime schedules. Be sure to look at the sky in the morning if it is dark. More auroras forecast for the next few nights. I was hoping to post a better update than this, but mother nature and her clouds, oh well!

Photo, North Pole, Alaska, from last night when it was clear:

The northeast really saw a great show tonight! Fabulous photos posted to Facebook and of course the front page of ABN website. Thanks for sharing, everyone!