Incoming CME? Tonight? More auroras predicted

Happy Veterans Day

The aurora forecast for tonight is quiet to minor storm levels with the predicted CME on it’s way sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. On the radio, I heard that they will be “active”. This does not mean that they will be dancing in the sky, it means that the Kp level predicted is Kp 4, and for Fairbanks, that means the lights can be overhead. However, the NOAA forecast is G1 storm, which is Kp 5. Some are saying the CME will not hit after all, and the data sure does look poor at the moment (415 pm Alaska time). The best I can say for now is just wait and see what happens and hope for the best. If the Kp levels rise, then the aurora oval will go further south, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA may see lights, as well as Canada and Alaska. Cloudy and rainy weather from the big storm in the midwest will prevent you from seeing aurora. Alaska’s weather is also looking poor.

You can take a peek on the cams to see how the weather is and if the aurora is out tonight. Here are a few cam links:

ABN All-sky cam, North Pole, Alaska

Kick Ax All-sky cam, Wasilla, Alaska

Geo Phys Institute All-sky cam, Chatanika, Alaska

Live! Aurora Cam, AuLive, U-zo camChatanika, Alaska by Ronn Murray PhotographyFairbanks, Alaska,

AuroraMax, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, (paid), Cleary Summit, Fairbanks, Alaska

Northwest Aurora Detector, Trout Lake, Washington

Sweden’s Aurora Sky Station

Calgary, Alberta All-sky Northern Lights Cam, Churchill, Manitoba

Univ of SK, Saskatchewan Canada

StarCamSebec Lake, Maine 

Porjus webcams (Seems to not work as of 2019, Sweden

Tromso Norway webcam, National Institute of Polar Research

KHO Norway

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulu, Finland

Kiruna, Sweden All-sky Cam

Image Peace Tower, Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland Cam

Aurora Patrol Cam Tasmania, the “Cressy Cam

I would be happy to add your Aurora Cam link to my list. Email