Quiet to unsettled tonight, southward Bz

Even though the Kp level may not rise very high tonight (according to forecasters), the Bz is southward, therefore auroras may be seen a little further south than on the typical Kp map. Northern states and Canada are seeing aurora on the horizon in a plain green band (specifically MN, ND, MB, AB). The Kp level may or may not go higher than a 3 tonight. Alaska is currently seeing low on the horizon auroras in areas where it is clear. Clouds are covering much of the interior, whereas south central is clear.

Look north, look low, if not overhead. Time of this post: 715 pm, Alaska time. It is quite early. If you do not see anything, your camera may pick something up. You can also try again later on tonight, as the earth rotates, and the aurora oval moves over your area.