Last night, the aurora came out, but not the Kp 5 as hoped!

Yesterday, the Kp level rose to a 5 and many were excited. However, when nightfall came to the USA and Canada, the level dropped a bit. Those in Anchorage also watched the clouds roll in. Fairbanks and the interior caught a fabulous show. The temperature hovered around -25F.

Clouds, but warmer weather, are in store for us in Fairbanks tonight.

Fairbanks, last night! Photo by Sacha’s Midnight Oil Photography
Lady A’s Triumphant Return
Goldstream Valley, Fairbanks
12:10a.m. 11/19/15
[ISO3200 | 15mm | f2.8 | 8.8s]
Feels like forever since the skies have been clear at the same time the space weather cooperated. Last night both delivered in fine form! Clear skies brought -25F, but remember, it’s a “dry” cold!

sacha nov 19 2015

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