12 Days of Christmas Thermal Wrap

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway item for today is an aurora themed thermal wrap from Polar Rocks!!! Microwave this scarf and place on around your neck or over your lap or feet for warmth while you relax. Place it in your bed to warm the sheets! Perfect for popping outside to watch the aurora. Leave the scarf around you as you gaze up to the sky! All Polar Rocks items are Made in Alaska!

Polar Rocks is based in Eagle River, Alaska, and sell in several stores around south central Alaska. Give a like to their facebook page!

To win this Alaskan item, simply comment below something Alaskan! You do not have to be the world’s best writer or a comedian. All comments are considered for the prize!

Pictured are two thermal wraps. The prize is for one. You may choose which design. This giveaway ends tonight, Dec 3.
polar rocks


  1. wow…didn’t open my email in time…i’m upset i missed out on this one. 🙁 thank you anyway for offering such great prizes. :))

  2. Would love to gift this beautiful wrap to a relative who is having a rough time lately, and hasn’t been able to get out much to watch the northern lights. This would be a great spirit booster of a Christmas present, as well as helpful for aches and pains!

  3. I love Alaska! Went there this year in August and saw the lights briefly….so beautiful!!!

  4. These are fabulous for loosening up tight neck muscles or if you have a headache! Also, I love that it’s made in Alaska and of course has the AB as the fabric design. Would love this, either for my family or to give as a gift 🙂

  5. Dallas- I am a new to Alaska, moved here and have become a huge Aurora fan and addicted to photographing her. I recently fell and could use this heated wrap for my injury. Of course, Aurora style is the best way to go!

  6. Alaska has been on my bucket list for a long time. I live in a yurt, which is like a big tent and keeping my toes warm would be fabulous, not to mention staying warm when out photographing the stars!

  7. I LOVE IT!!! I had no idea that someone was making this product. I had microwaveable booties to keep my tootsies warm and they were great. NOW, to know there is a blanket that you all make and it’s made in Alaska USA, is a keeper. I’ll be ordering one for my niece who just got married and moved up your way. Now, I need to visit your website. Thanks for donating to the give-away. This is too cool.

    1. Okay, I was thinking big, lol. This is the scarf, which is so sweet, still going to order. Will you gift wrap it for me? AND, do you make a throw or blanket, lol…would love that! Scarf is such a great idea…why could I not have invented the mircrowaveable scarf!!

  8. Wow, now that would make a great picture… Wrapped up in one of these outside while waiting to take my first picture of the NL. We don’t see this in SC

  9. This wrap would be perfect for cold nights out photographing the aurora out here in North Pole!

  10. Oh please please please pick me! Arthritis in my neck and this would be such a treat! Thank you!

  11. This I would love for my mom who was born under the Northern lights of Estonia 86 years ago.

  12. Nice wrap!! Certainly could use this on the cold winter nights here in the north where winter always gives us a lot of snow.

  13. I love watching the aurora from here in Fairbanks, and my mother follows along from California sometimes via your aurora camera. A wrap like this would be a perfect gift for her, until I can convince her to come brave the cold to see the aurora live.

  14. My family and i are living in a cabin in the middle of wasilla using a wood stove add or heat source. It sure would be nice to have something to add some extra warmth on cold winter nights. I know my kids would love one.

  15. I was in Alaska this past September … I had hoped to see the Aurora, weather had other ideas 🙁 This wrap will remind me of what I missed … only “another” reason to return to Alaska !! Thanks for your site and all you do 🙂

  16. when she was 88 years old my aunt wanted nothing more than a cruise to Alaska and my sister and I obliged, although for most of the cruise we felt we barely saw the state as a living place. But when we arrived in Juneau a former student of mine took us to the state museum and we saw everything from the representations of different original cultural communities to the eagle in a tree. And then on the day of our departure from Anchorage we spent several hours in a local bar talking to the locals. These are my best memories of Alaska

  17. You got me at, “Place it in your bed to warm the sheets!” All homes should have a thermal wrap for the cold Alaska nights, lasting 9 months a year LOL

  18. With Seward’s Often wet and cold weather, this would be such a warm and cozy way to counter it.

  19. Count me in! I’ve not yet been to Alaska but this would sure help here in Rochester NY when we’re getting lake effect snowstorms and dreaming of a KP 6 and a clear sky…

  20. Well when I read that you can also FREEZE them… woweee!!! I sleep with these awful icebags every night …aurora would be the absolute icing on the cake!!!

  21. Now I will be able to be “as snug as a bug in a rug” with if I am the lucky one chosen! Can already feel its softness.

  22. I would absolutely love to have this!!!! I live in South Dakota and I dont get to see the aurora very often if at all.

  23. What a great way to stay.cozy and warm on those cold Alaska nights. Now we never have to be without the aurora. 🙂

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