12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Hunter prints

Congratulations to the winners, Jesse and Robert!

Up next for the ABN 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: 2 stunning prints from Todd Salat Shots! The Aurora Hunter™ is offering ABN aurora fans “Nightingale” and “Whirled View”. Both are 14×11 (matted sized), ready for you to frame. There will be 2 winners, 1 for each print.

The Aurora Hunter™ has matted and metal prints and other items in several locations around Alaska. You can meet Todd and/or his wife Shay at The
Dimond Center Holiday Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska, until Jan 3, 2016. You may also order online!

Have you seen the video on the front page of the website?? Real-time aurora movement can be seen! Not a timelapse!

To try to win, please comment below anything about his website or about the prints. 2 winners will be chosen on Sunday morning, Dec 6. Our favorite answers will be placed into an online randomizer, and winners drawn!

2 Todd Salat Shot prints


  1. Beautiful captures….truly inspirational and gives me hope here in Iowa to get out there and keep hunting!!! thanks for sharing and making this wonderful opportunity available!

  2. Auroras are beautiful, but being able to see them hanging on a wall in the summer would be wonderful!!!

  3. These are really nice. I’m hoping to use my Nikon D7000 to get my first pictures. Mine won’t be anywhere as good as these. In SC we don’t see sites like this, we like to take it home with us…

  4. Lily Red, Heaven and Earth, Whirled View, Nightingale, Floating AK, and goddess of dawn…oh my! They are all so beautiful. All your photos are wonderful. I would love to win one of your works of art. =)

  5. The serenity and majesty of the Aurora Borealus speaks of the grandeur of all things great and small. The beauty of this magical wonder captured in these prints speaks peace to every human heart during this Christmas season.

  6. Todd Salat certainly has an eye for natural beauty! These prints would make me one Happy Birthday girl… Yes, Sunday is my birthday too. I didn’t realize until now how many of us December babies there were…Clearly we have excellent taste in natural beauty, the kind Todd Salat can capture in his photos. Would be honored to hang these awesome prints in my home. Whether I win or not Thank You Todd for sharing your work. And many thanks to ABN for this opportunity.

  7. The one with the mountains in the background is so beautiful and the one looking up through the trees is fantastic! Thank you Todd for putting your prints on the website for giveaway. It would be wonderful to win either of them!!

  8. How beautiful both of these prints are! Nightingale and Whirled View are both winners and I’m praying I’m a winner too! However, I’d be torn as to which to choose…I’m a birder and would love the Nightingale lights but the Whirled View has a broader view with the majestic mountains in the foreground….I’d be honored to receive either one! Your website videos of the aurora’s are absolutely amazing and your commentary is just as enlightening! I was fortunate to have been able to take the trip of our lifetime this past August (from Louisiana) to see Alaska and the northern lights were on my bucket list…and I did get to see them very briefly! Needless to say, the power, beauty and wonder all wrapped into one package and breathtaking view is something I shall NEVER forget! I was on a ship and could not get a clear photograph as the ship was rocking and rolling in the sea at the time… Winning one of your photographs would bring that memory back to me forever. Thank you for your generosity and I hope I’m one of the lucky winners! 🙂

  9. There is something quite addicting about searching for the elusive aurora! These prints perfectly capture that elusive and surreal nature.

  10. It would be hard to choose. Nightingale, yes. Whirled View, yes. Nightingale, yes. Whirled View, yes. I’d be in a quandary and say, just surprise me! Either image would be an honor! Have to say, my very fav image is your Denali porcupines, too adorable sweet, lol. AND YES!…you were in the right place for the Vimeo RTV, loved the narration and felt like I was a passenger right along with you…and thank goodness for wind and drifts as you were where you should have been! Cool!!

  11. This Minnesotian has spent many a night out in the scary corn fields trying to catch my first glimpse of the Aurora’s .I have yet to check this off my bucket list 🙁 One of your gorgeous prints would suffice nicely .It is very generous of you . <3

  12. I loved the real time video of the auroras — you really feel like you are there — wish I could be. Photographing the auroras is real art — captures so many awesome sights and shares so others can see them too!

  13. Last Christmas I received a Tom Salat aurora print “Legendary Lady” from my son. It is beautiful and admired by all who visit my home. Either print in today’s giveaway would compliment the one gifted to me last year.

  14. These prints look absolutely phenomenal! Absolutely gorgeous. Would love to hang them in my daughters bedroom!

  15. Well this morning December 5 is my birthday , these beautiful dancing skies are the BEST birthday candles EVER ~~~
    Thankyou !!!!

  16. Oh, the beauty of the aurora’s. One of the marvels of creation. Fantastic!! They would be beautiful in our lower 48 home.

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