12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Birch Leaf Photography Aurora Print

A popular destination for aurora watching is Coldfoot, Alaska. Further north than Fairbanks, Coldfoot is a year-round wilderness destination for adventure seekers, and a stop for truckers along the famous haul road, the Dalton Highway mile 175 (think Ice Road Truckers). Today’s giveaway is an 8×7 matted aurora print by Birch Leaf Photography. The aurora shoots out above cabins at Coldfoot Camp. Let the inspiring feeling of this print give you happiness year round.

Birch Leaf Photography is located in Delta Junction, Alaska.

To win, comment on Alaska aurora destinations, or other photos you see on BirchLeafPhoto.com, facebook page, or instagram.

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  1. These images are totally fabulous! Would love to look at them down here in the lower 48, so i can be inspired to plan my trip up there..

  2. Whoa! Some beautiful work you guys do! I’m in Palmerband haven’t ever seen the lights like this! Great stuff! Hope I get one! Thank you!

  3. I lover the galleries!!…especially the aurora/night sky gallery (are the cabins marked Silver Fox the Coldfoot Camp cabins?), the mushing gallery is really cool (We have races down here in Wyoming), REALLY like Totem in Alaskana gallery. Great imaging!

  4. Birch Leaf Photography utilizes color, contrast and intimacy in a manner exposing a great degree of honesty of the culture and lives of fellow Alaskans. (In an age of excessive photo-alteration, the colors are believable, characteristic and reminiscent.) The Aurora shots are breathtaking and other-worldly, while the portraits (even the dog!) again expose a certain comforting honesty in the encounter, something missing from the every day.
    As a photographer, I thoroughly enjoyed my web visit today and still have some of Birch Leaf’s frames set to mind.
    Thank you.

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