WOW last night was amazing. Ready for more?

Last night in Alaska, and many areas of Canada and the northern USA saw great lights all night long from 7pm to sunrise. Amazing super show. Constant auroras swirling and dancing. Yes, it was faded at times, but you didn’t have to wait long for it to start up again. The Kp level last night was Kp 5. This morning (Alaska morning), the Kp level rose to 6 and it is highly possible for it to go higher. The wing Kp is indicating Kp 9, here is the link.

Europe is currently seeing a fantastic show, Wales, England, and even Germany are seeing lights. Look north, look low, if not overhead. Northern and mid-USA be ready for auroras as soon as it is dark. We do have a chance if the storm holds out longer. All of Canada, and all of Alaska, be ready tonight when it is dark.

Here are some tweets from today and last night: