Aurora due tonight in AK and possibly northern states before the sun rises

The aurora forecast calls for minor storm level auroras (Kp 5) tonight. Data is not looking great as of this post, so if the aurora should show, it could be an all-nighter. Kp 5 indicates that the aurora might be seen as far south as the northern states bordering Canada. We wait patiently! The lights may come out soon, later on, or not at all. Aurora watching is sometimes a long process. But the rewards are worth the wait. Yes you will be tired. If you are a visitor and/or this is your only chance at seeing the lights, it is worth it to lose some sleep. Another option for a better guarantee is to go on a tour!

In North Pole and the interior, it is windy, 11mph. Just windy enough to feel the sting of cold and annoying enough to blur any aurora shots (the trees, clouds).

The aurora forecast for Sunday and Monday night are also looking great, at Kp 4.

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