Awesome show tonight in northern Europe, and continuing

Wow! The aurora finally came out early this morning about 4am in Alaska, and the show intensified as the sun rose. Northern Europe got the blast of aurora lights and as of this post, the lights continue to dance. The Kp level shot up to Kp 6. Tonight in the western hemisphere, the aurora lights are predicted to continue. Northern states bordering Canada, all of Canada (outside the large cities), and all of Alaska can expect to see northern lights as soon as it is dark. The Kp level may lower some, but still a great chance. Always look north if you cannot see anything overhead.

Remember the lights come and go. If at first you do not see anything, try again later. Or check back on facebook and twitter to see what others are saying.

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Moose Walk Cabin, located in North Pole, Alaska. An awesome place to stay and catch the lights! Update: no longer in operation.