Quiet to unsettled next 3 nights

The predicted Kp level for the next 3 nights is Kp 0 to Kp 3. Quiet to unsettled conditions forecast. This means that we may see the occasional display in high latitudes. It is unlikely that the Anchorage area will see lights, only a maybe on the horizon looking north. You can watch the cam in Wasilla at Kick Ax Cam to see if the lights are out. Fairbanks areas and the interior may see the lights every night but a grand display is not expected. Watch for the “typical” green band facing north, northeast.

I am hearing that finding a room in Fairbanks is difficult this week and next due to the dog races, ice park and ice sculpture championships, and aurora watchers. People are filling up the hotels and B&B’s. If you are planning on coming up, please get your room immediately.

A little more than a month left with the aurora season in Alaska. Auroras are hard to see after April 15, as the sun starts to shine all night long….We will miss the aurora, but are looking forward to some sleep and other hobbies.

Plan your aurora adventure now for March, April, and next season THIS COMING August and Sept. Book now for your select dates!!! Ronn Murray Photography and Tours RM ToursRM Tour group