Kp 5 (G1) forecast, Kp 4 happening now

A great forecast tonight, with the Kp level at 4 and forecast to 5
due to the coronal hole high speed stream.
Solid overcast in Fairbanks, North Pole, Tok, and Delta Junction.
Clearer in Anchorage and the Valley.
Kp 4 forecast continues for the next 3 nights. Alaska and Canada, be ready for auroras anytime it is dark (but typically in the middle of the night).

Some people ask me how do they see the aurora when the weather is cloudy. The answer is you must chase the aurora. The aurora is much higher than the clouds. Occasionally, your camera will photograph “green clouds” when the sky is green above the weather, in other words, the clouds take on the green hue that is above them. I don’t say where the weather is better, because that will change. Please look for yourself. If you are in Fairbanks and want to see the aurora tonight, look at the weather forecast and radar and find a place that is clear. It might be near, or it might be far. You can check out the cams to inspect the weather as well. ~Amy

Cam links:

ABN Aurora Cam, North Pole, Alaska
KickAx Cam, Wasilla, Alaska
Alaska Aurora Cam, Fairbanks, Alaska
Geo Phys Inst. Aurora Cam, Chatanika, Alaska

More cam links here