Tonight March 2, more auroras. Kp 6 happening now, could wane a bit

Continuing auroras are happening now across northern Europe and now moving on into Canada and the northern states.
As of now, 5pm Alaska time, Michigan and Minnesota are seeing a faint aurora glow toward the north as their sun sets.
Manitoba is seeing fabulous lights: Here is the LIVE Churchill cam!!!

Alaska, be ready for more lights tonight as soon as its dark. Typically, we will see lights closer to midnight and later, but it can happen at any time!
The forecast for tonight is Kp 4 (as the average) but Wing Kp suggests higher (as of this post). Direct from NOAA Space Weather— “Rationale: Isolated G1 (minor) and G2 (moderate) geomagnetic storms are
expected in the early part of day one (02 Mar) due to ongoing CH HSS influence.” Come on lights, we’ll take more tonight!!!

Check out the cam timelapse from last night, so awesome, it was an all-nighter for sure.
The cam is on my roof in North Pole, Alaska ~Amy

And last night from Fox, Alaska, Gary Kallberg shared this one!!!

Gary Kallberg, Fox, Alaska