More lights tonight, Kp 4 forecast.

Lights are being seen now in mid to northern Canada and interior Alaska.
Very low on the horizon from the Anchorage area.
Tonight’s forecast is Kp 4.
A little lower Kp level than last night’s storm, but still great for Alaska.

Lights were seen earlier tonight from northern Wisconsin and Minnesota but no one reported in time to share the news.
Data has waned, and the aurora oval went a bit north.

Last night in the interior, we witnessed Poker Flat launch their rockets from Chatanika.
I captured this with my cell phone (S7) from North Pole, which is about 40 miles away. Tons of light pollution!!! The rocket is the white blemish in the aurora. ~Amy

And the Alaska Aurora Cam (a little closer than me) caught this snippet of the rocket.