Good chance of auroras tonight in Alaska Kp 4

August 17/18 Good chance of auroras tonight in all of Alaska. The Kp level is 4. Auroras are being seen sporadically in northern and middle Canada. Expect auroras to last all night long til the sun rises, but they may come and go, depending on the data. The “best” time is typically after midnight, but auroras may be seen any time it is dark.

Auroras went crazy last night over Alaska, but the cloud cover in many areas blocked our view!
Catch it on cam if you cannot get out tonight ABN Aurora Cam North Pole, Alaska. Let’s hope the clouds clear!


Welcome to the aurora season! We are reporting to you today from North Pole, Alaska, USA. This is a fine place to catch the aurora in action many times a week from now til April. Come and visit us!

Please let us know if we can help you see the lights! We personally know many businesses that can help make your aurora dream come true, from photographers, to photo guides, to tour guides. Ice fishing, snow mobiling, and places to stay or drive to. Please see the website for more info.