More snow in Fairbanks Kp 3 tonight Feb 22/23

More snow and overcast skies predicted for Fairbanks Alaska tonight. Kp 3 is the aurora forecast. If there is a opening in the clouds tonight in Fairbanks and Anchorage, and anywhere in between, the aurora might be seen. Kp 2 as of this post at 7pm.

Auroras are looking great over Finland, Norway, and Iceland tonight.
Here is a link to a few cams there.

If you are visiting Fairbanks and wanting to see the aurora, you have a few choices. You can chase the weather, find an area where it is clear. However, this storm is pretty wide, and not looking too good. You can hope for an opening in the clouds. The wind and clouds can change rapidly, so there is a chance if you are willing to watch and wait. You can call a tour guide, and ask them their opinion if they are going out tonight and if a spot is available for you.
Or, you can try again tomorrow.

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