More auroras, and G1 storm possible Feb 25/26

Hello! The skies have been pretty cloudy in Alaska lately, but the aurora was seen last night near Anchorage and a bit north To Willow and Montana Creek. Homer saw a bit low on the horizon. Fairbanks was mostly overcast and the aurora was barely seen thru clouds, and only with the camera lens.

TONIGHT: Kp 3 or Kp 4, great for most of Alaska and much of Canada. Currently at Kp 3 with excellent data.

SAT NIGHT: Kp 5 possible from effects of a negative polarity coronal hole (layman’s terms is WATCH FOR A BIG SHOW)

Thursday night was hopeless from Fairbanks because of the snow storm. So the Aurora Chasers called up their tour and asked everyone to be ready to leave early and for a long drive to clear skies. And the reward was worth it!