auroras when it is dark….only a few hours a night in Alaska

The auroras have been out in Fairbanks lately, but have been mostly low and faint. Last night there was a brief larger display, after midnight. The Kp levels have been 1 and 2. It is currently Kp 0.

Although tonight’s forecast is Kp 4, data is looking poor. No big event is expected. The next couple days forecast is Kp 2.

The midnight sun is fast approaching. The aurora can be seen when it is dark. Look to the north to see if it is dark. The sun could be setting on one side of your view, and it can be dark the other direction. The sun will take over completely in Fairbanks and points north this coming week. Anchorage areas, you have another couple weeks.

Every year we stop reporting on April 15. It is time for sleeping. If you want to see the aurora, simply be awake when it is dark. We will not be reporting auroras in Alaska until August. We will report significant solar events (high Kp auroras predicted) this summer for those further south where it gets dark at night. Twitter is the fastest and easiest way to be alerted. Facebook unfortunately is becoming an unreliable source of fast notifications.

The ABN Aurora webcam is down. It has malfunctioned and it will be up again as soon as possible.

Have a great summer! ~Amy Stratman