Welcome back to the season, as it is now dark at night!

You know, I should’ve sent you this a week ago, but here we are already at August 18! I have been working in the background on a new project and it will be announced in a few days in the Facebook group. I hope you are already in the group, if not, join us today. It is really enjoyable to be able to chat with like-minded people who enjoy staying up all night, seeing aurora, being tired, and talking about the sky.

Have you seen the aurora yet this August? It has been out a few times over Alaska and Yukon. Clouds have hampered the view on most days in August, not to mention the short time frame of the dark sky. No matter, it is now game on for aurora hunting. With not much activity on the sun, chasing the lights will be a bit more difficult, and patience will be pushed to the limit, as we watch and wait for the lights. Alberta and mid Canada were seeing lights this summer a few times, and Antarctica aurora photos were plentiful during their winter.

Here are a few pictures taken from the webcam a couple nights ago. Timestamp is seen on the photo. The cam is showing dew on the dome cover. I will have to take care of this. In North Pole, Alaska, the weather has been chilly at night and warm in the day, with plenty of rain this summer. See you soon ~Amy