Aurora Tonight!!!! Kp 6

We went from rain and no auroras for awhile to Kp 6!
Tonight, auroras are out over Canada, barely dipping down into the northern states. Faint auroras are being seen from Maine to North Dakota. Smoke is thick in the air where the forest fires are, in the areas of the northern Rocky Mountains, to the Pacific.

Alaska, we are now seeing auroras. Hopefully, the sky is clear where you are. Looking good from Fairbanks, and a bit cloudy in Anchorage.

The other day I announced a new group, which is embedded in the groupΒ Aurora Borealis Notifications Group, it is called Aurora Tonight. If you are in ABN Group, you can have access to the new group for a small fee. This in turn powers the webcam, and gives you exclusive content, and one on one help with planning to see or watching the aurora that very night. This is a new feature from Facebook, and is called Subscription Groups, and we are proud to be beta testers. Don’t worry, ABN group will remain the same. Thank you for supporting this website! ~Amy