Nothing much lately, faint

The aurora has barely been seen lately. It has been a combination of faint, quiet, and low activity with cloud cover over much of Alaska and Canada, not to mention Iceland, Norway, and even the southern hemisphere. On Facebook, people are posting old photos to share in the mean time, and visitors are asking “does anyone see anything tonight???”.

A perfect example of the aurora lately from the Fairbanks, Alaska area, is a photo of brief activity barely visible behind the clouds, taken by Manesh Kumar.

Aurora behind the clouds, near Fairbanks, Alaska, by Manesh Kumar

TONIGHT’s FORECAST is Kp 2. The skies are clearing around Fairbanks, cloudier over North Pole. There is a chance tonight!!!
Cloudy at Delta Junction, Alaska
Clearing near Anchorage, but a low Kp level may not show you auroras tonight.

How can you tell the aurora is out from Fairbanks, but you don’t know which way to drive? You can get up to look outside if you want, or you can look at the cams. Each are located on a different side of town, so you can compare the weather

ABN Aurora cam from North Pole, Alaska
Geo Phys All Sky cam, Chatanika, Alaska
Alaska Aurora cam, Fairbanks Alaska