Auroras expected tonight Kp 5.

**The earthquake in Anchorage today will affect travel. Aurora hunting is not recommended for tonight, not only due to damaged roads but also poor weather. ** Even if the sky cleared, with a Kp 5 forecast, you may be able to see aurora from inside the city, away from streetlights. Stay put. Stay safe.

The aurora forecast tonight is Kp 5. A G1 storm is expected to arrive sometime tonight (Friday night/ Saturday morning Alaska time). The storm may last 2 nights, with lingering effects into Sunday night.

Solar winds are at 315 km/sec (it’s ok), and the Bz -3nT (great) at 645pm Alaska time. The storm has not arrived yet.

The entire state of Alaska and all of Canada may see lights. Be ready tonight, Saturday night, and into Sunday night. Remember, forecast dates and times are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), not local times. This is why we are ready NOW in Alaska.

Alaska weather is poor south of Nenana all the way to Anchorage, and to Homer. Weather is good from Fairbanks to Tok. Weather is poor in Whitehorse.

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