Auroras likely night of Jan 30/31

We have an upcoming aurora storm. Be ready for sure the night of Jan 30.

“A coronal hole (CH) assigned as CH70 is anticipated to rotate into an Earth-influential position by the January 31st UTC-day. Current expectations are for a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) to arrive by 31 January, followed by onset of the CH high speed stream (HSS). The current forecast calls for the overall planetary geomagnetic response to reach a few isolated periods of Active (K4) conditions on 31 January. Elevated solar wind speed is expected to continue into 1 February, so keep checking our SWPC website for the latest updates, forecasts, watches, and warnings with regards to CH HSS influences and expectations. Meanwhile, a spot group emerged last week and underwent periods of decay and maturation; however, its overall trend over the past several days was growth. It produced a C5 flare on 26 January (1322 UTC / 0822 ET). The trend of the spot group over the last 24 hours has been slow decay and it will also begin rotating out of Earth-view on 30 January. Between its more recent slow trend of dissipation and its eventual rotation out of Earth-view, C-class flare chances are forecast to decrease over the next 3 days.” Source: NOAA Space Weather CH 70 AND RGN 2733 UPDATES

Translation: Activity on the sun may cause elevated auroral activity, with a possibility of Kp 4 (or higher). A Kp 4 may indicate that auroras will be seen in most of Alaska, most of Canada, and if conditions permit (strong solar winds and southward Bz), auroras might push farther south. This seems to be exciting talk, only because we haven’t seen too much activity this year, both from lack of solar activity plus poor weather in the aurora zones.

***It could arrive Jan 30, forecast Jan 31 UTC day, which is Jan 30 night time for Alaska. Jan 30/31 to clarify.
***If it is late, then we in North America will be on standby Jan 31/Feb 1.
***We will know more as the data comes in from the satellites.

If you want to read the data yourself, the link is here for NOAA Space Weather
Space Weather Live
***Data is derived from the same source. Pick the website you can read best for yourself, or use both.

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