The auroras of the past few weeks

The auroras have been out in the north these past few weeks in places such as Fairbanks, Alaska and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, but weather has been a factor on some nights, and the aurora weak on some nights. Here are a few examples of what was seen recently.
From Aurora Bear showing what Kp 0 looks like north of Fairbanks and Alaska Outdoors Photography with Jeff-n-Jenn showing Kp 2 Fairbanks, Alaska. And Whitehorse, Yukon represented by Yukon Home and Tour.
aurora bands

Yukon Home and Tour Whitehorse


Here we have a calendar of aurora cam photos from the Aurora Chasers showing the weather blocking our view often. Very frustrating, but when its clear, there is a chance no matter the Kp level.
Fairbanks auroras Feb 14-22

and a small sampling of faint and sometimes with clouds aurora from the ABN Aurora Cam, North Pole, Alaska.