Rocket launch scheduled from Poker Flat, Chatanika AK

Poker Flat Research Range will be launching rockets for aurora research and here is the schedule to watch for them.
The location is Chatanika, Alaska, just past the Chatanika Lodge. A good vantage point for photos would be anywhere there is a clear view toward Chatanika as the bird flies. A few places near Fairbanks, Alaska include Cleary Summit, the areas around Olnes Pond, Hilltop Truck Stop, Murphy Dome, Pedro Dome, Chena Lakes, and even Nordale Rd pullouts in North Pole.

The rocket launches make for awesome photos, as well as an interesting experience to witness in person!

For more scientific info, see this article.

January 26, 4:04am local 13:04 UTC
January 27, 4:00am local 13:00 UTC
January 28, 3:56am local 12:56 UTC
January 29, 3:52am local 12:52 UTC
January 30, 3:48am local 12:48 UTC
January 31, 3:45am local 12:45 UTC

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  1. No, Coldfoot is too far. The rocket is seen close, less than 50 miles or so in all directions. Sorry for the late reply, the comment was in spam.

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