Last night’s aurora! from Fairbanks, Alaska

Pictured: Frank Stelges up at Aurora Bear, north of Fairbanks, captured this aurora before midnight. The bright landscape is due to the moonlight! It was very bright. And cold. -45F down in Fairbanks, but “only” -10F up there on the hill.

January 8/9, 2020. What a great night! The forecast was a so-so Kp 2 with a chance of active aurora, and it happened! The sky rained down with pink and green aurora over Fairbanks, Alaska, and was seen as far south as Cordova and Seward, Alaska. Dawson City, a bit from Whitehorse, and Yellowknife and Churchill saw great overhead lights. Churchill was seeing aurora at 6pm!!! The best part of the aurora in Fairbanks was before midnight. Gorgeous pinks were seen rippling through the sky opposite the almost full moon. For more pics from all over Canada and Alaska, see the Facebook group

And here are highlights from the ABN Aurora Cam:


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