Aurora tonight & tomorrow night

For northern, interior, and south central Alaska, the space weather data is looking great for tonight, and the next couple nights. The problem is the clouds. If you find clear skies, there is a very high chance to see the lights.

The forecast calls for Kp 7 (G3 storm) due to a CME from an X1 class flare. This is great news for aurora watchers!

The aurora might be seen as far south as the northern states, and maybe even a little further south. When should you start to look? Tonight, all night long, until the sun rises, and again tomorrow night. The CME might hit during the daytime in the USA, so northern Russia and Europe may see the beginning of the event first.

Many questions arise from people in the lower 48 asking if their location will see the aurora. Many mid latitude locations have a chance at seeing aurora, but not from any city with light pollution. Use a light pollution map to navigate to darker skies. Then look to the north, and low on the horizon. No city should be north of you, as the light pollution will bloom out, and cover up the aurora.

Tv stations and mass media are sharing a lot of information that is not exactly right. NO ONE can tell you the exact time the aurora will be out. Keep in mind the aurora forecast timing is UTC, Coordinated Universal Time.

Aurora etiquette: Turn off your headlights when you park to watch the aurora.

Tips: Adjust your eyes to the dark to see the aurora colors better. Do not be staring at your phone. Turn off car lights, inside and out. Get away from streetlights, especially if they are white LED lights. Aurora is easily seen with the naked eye in full color.

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