Night of the lunar eclipse

The night of the lunar eclipse, the aurora only came out a short time, remained dim, and then disappeared the rest of the night. The solar winds were good, but the Bz never cooperated. We cannot predict what the IMF will do even with the best forecast. Sometimes we hope for the best but the aurora just does not appear. No amount of driving around or changing locations will improve sightings unless the data is good.

The partial lunar eclipse was seen facing south over Fairbanks, Alaska. It was a beautiful starry night and wonderful eclipse. The only thing missing was aurora.
It was only seen briefly facing north before the eclipse. This eclipse was the longest partial eclipse in over 500 years. I am so happy to have witnessed it.

aurora band didn't last long

3 photos taken below, are of the eclipse. My location was near Fairbanks, Alaska. See the YouTube video below of the aurora webcam showing the moon dimming because of the eclipse.

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